Fraud Prevention

WEBINC takes fraud protection very seriously as fraud might cause a big financial loss for a merchant. Especially E-commerce fraud has increased significantly in the past years.

Therefore WEBINC offers the following anti-fraud solutions for your online business to avoid theft and all kinds of credit card scams:

        • CVV2 / CVC2 check
          Checking the CVV2 / CVC2 is an importatnt security feature for card-not-present transactions… >>more<<

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    • Preauthorization
      Preauthorization is the first part of two stage transactional process…>>more<<

    • Blacklisting
      G.A.T.E. gives you the possibility to create and extend your own blacklist while blacklisting single credit cards, BINs, countries or complete customers…>>more<<

  • Velocity Rules
    WEBINCs Payment Gateway System gives you the possibility to set additional limitations…>>more<<

    • Credit Card Processing

      WEBINC helps you to accept credit card as well as debit card payments online….>>more<<

  • W.P.G.

    W.P.G. is a complete eCommerce payment platform including a multiplicity of different statistics and risk management features …

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