WEBINC Privacy Policy


WEBINC is an international payment service provider offering technical solutions to process online payments in e-commerce, MOTO and other sectors. WEBINC is the interface between acquirers, banks, merchants and consumers, which is processing their online payments.

PCI DSS Compliance

To protect your data and prevent misuse, WEBINC is using up to date technologies, follows strict verifications rules and works with experienced specialists. All data is encrypted before storage, only encrypted data is transmitted.

The Payment Platforms used by WEBINC are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This certification and its rules are set by Visa, MasterCard, American Express… This standard guarantees save storage and handling of your credit card and bank account data under highest data security standards.

Security Measures

WEBINC as well as the Payment Platform Provider undertakes all reasonable steps to protect any personal or sensitive information collected or processed by WEBINC. WEBINC implements, amongst others, the following measures: protection of its servers by firewalls, strict password control of database access and encryption of sensitive data. This list is not exhaustive.

Data Collection

Personal data is processed according to the German Data Protection Act and supplementary data protection regulations set out in many other codes and directives.

Merchant Data

In order to be able to set up an WEBINC account, WEBINC needs to store personal information of the merchant. This information is requested from the merchant during your registration process for an WEBINC account. This data is updated by the merchant, or on demand by WEBINC.

Consumer Data

WEBINC uses the merchants’ websites and the online forms of the payment page only to collect and transmit data which is necessary to process your payments. This is for example the amount you have to pay, the currency and payment method you use to pay etc. Additional information, the merchant needs to be able to process your order, is collected (e.g. details on the order, delivery and billing address etc.). This data is stored for each transaction in order to be able to process the transaction and if necessary to check it. For fraud prevention reasons, WEBINC is furthermore storing the IP-address of the computer, which was used to place the transaction.

WEBINC does not collect any sensitive personal information, in particular with regard to race, religion or political affiliation.


To deliver secure and reliable services, WEBINC is storing log-files. These contain information on data transfer between the involved parties.


A cookie is a text file placed on your hard disk by a web page server. Cookies cannot run programs or put viruses on your computer. Cookies are allocated to you individually and can only be read by a web server in the domain that sent the cookie to you.

The principal function of cookies is to add convenience and save you time. For example, a cookie helps WEBINC to remember, between two visits, the language you have chosen.

You can accept or refuse cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser’s settings to refuse them if you wish.

The use of cookies is not necessary to view the public part of the site of WEBINC. The use of cookies is compulsory only to access your private space after you opened an WEBINC account. You can therefore set your Internet browser to refuse cookies.

Use of data

Merchant data

Merchant data collected by WEBINC is only used to carry out the contractual services both parties agreed on.

Consumer data

Information collected by WEBINC is used to execute the entire online payment transaction process, which was instructed by the consumer between him and the merchant.

Data storage

Data collected by WEBINC is stored for an adequate time to process the online payment/fulfill the contract between the merchant and WEBINC. Highest security standards are applied on data storage, all compliant to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Circulation of data to third parties

Circulation of consumer data to merchants

Merchants connected to WEBINC can only access stored data of their customers. Credit card data is excluded from this access. Merchants can not access customers’ credit card data via WEBINC, neither via the WEBINC website nor via e-mail or mail.

Credit card numbers are stored separately from the database which is accessible by the merchants. To Merchants only a part of the credit card number is visible, in order to enable them to clear their accounts. With Visa and MasterCard only the first 6 and last four digits are visible to the merchants. With other credit card and bank account numbers, the part which is visible to the merchant depends on the length of the number. The complete number is never visible to them.

Merchants are only given access to complete credit card numbers if a special request from the merchant’s acquirer/bank was placed with WEBINC.

No merchant has access to consumer data, which is not related to a transaction between him and a certain consumer.

Circulation of data to service provider in the frame of transaction processing

WEBINC will not sell or rent private data to third parties. Furthermore, WEBINC will not share private date with third parties, unless it is necessary to fulfill the contract/transaction you have with WEBINC, or you have given WEBINC your allowance. Situations when your data is transferred to third parties are the following:

WEBINC may share data with certain trusted partners, whose contribution is necessary to perform the payment process in the context of technical partnerships. Data might for example be shared with the post to send out invoices, the Visa, MasterCard, American Express… processors to process your payment to the merchants or to service providers to undertake analyses on behalf of WEBINC.

These third parties are forbidden to use your personal information for any purpose other than the provision of these services to WEBINC, and are obliged to keep your information confidential.

Monitoring your personal information

You will receive a confirmation of your payment via e-mail. This mail includes the essential information you have given while placing your order with the merchant.


Any questions or complaints relating to the collection and processing of your personal information should be sent by email to the following address: service(at)webinc.eu. At this address you can also request to change or have your personal data, stored by WEBINC, deleted. WEBINC will answer your request within a reasonable time. You can also send your requests in writing to the following address:

Unter den Eichen 5, Gebäude F
D–65195 Wiesbaden

If you are contacting WEBINC via letter, e-mail, phone of by fax, WEBINC is storing your personal information in order to be able to answer your request. WEBINC will evaluate this information to prevent potential fraud and noncompliance with our general terms and conditions, and to improve our customer service.

Deletion of data

As soon as your information is no longer necessary to process the above mentioned services, your data will be deleted.

If storage of data is necessary for tax reasons, it will be stored and blocked for every other use.

The use and processing of your personal information can be withdrawn at any time, effective for the future, by sending an e-mail to info(at)webinc.eu.

Updating of this Policy

WEBINC may update this privacy clause at any time without prior notice, e.g. to be compliant with legal requirements.

WEBINC encourages you to consult this clause regularly to find out how your information is protected.

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